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      DMEGC, Always Accompany With You

      DMEGC was founded in 1980, and the company was restructured in March 1999. It was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in August 2006. The company is a National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise underpinned by the twin drivers of "Magnetic Material & New Energy" .

      DMEGC is the rotating chairman unit of China Electronic Components Industry Association, the leading magnetic ferrite enterprise in China, the first PV module manufacturing enterprise in the world to obtain the low carbon footprint certification, and also a national green factory. Led by Hengdian DMEGC, the Dongyang magnetic industry cluster is known as the "Magnetic Capital of China".

      DMEGC has presided over or participated in the formulation of 52 international, national, and industry standards, team standards. Hard Ferrite series of products were evaluated as "National Manufacturing Champion Products", and Soft Ferrite and key technologies, industrialization projects have won the second prize in the National Technology Invention Award, the second prize in the National Science and Technology Progress Award. Several PV products shortlisted for the national "Green Design Products" and awarded the world's first "Smart Module" certificate issued by TüV SüD, and the world's first multi-double stringent certification by TüV Rheinland.

      The products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions, and have been awarded "Excellent Supplier" by Nidec in Japan, Samsung in South Korea, and other internationally famous enterprises, and has won Bosch's Global Best Supplier Award. DMEGC has been successfully shortlisted in Bloomberg's Tier 1 Global PV Module Manufacturers, and has built a leading brand in the Global Black Module and European distributed market.

      • 1980
        DMEGC Established
      • 002056
        Stock Code
      • 18000+
      • 19.7Billion RMB
        2023 Revenue
      • 27years
        Top 1 Local Taxpayer
      Corporate Culture
      • Vision
        The Only Unique
        World First Class
      • Mission
        Made in DMEGC
        Lead the World
      • Core Value
        Customer focus, Employee care
        Unity, Realism, Tenacity, Innovation
      • Work Style
        Work Diligently
        Strive Tenaciously
      Development Milestones

      About 2.8 Billion Revenue

      Carry out Photovoltaic Manufacturing Overseas Layout


      Construction of High-tech Industrial in Hengdian and High Efficiency Component Phrase?II Project in Sihong

      Components shipped in the Top 10 PV-TECH statistics worldwide


      Intelligent manufacturing upgrade - No.7 Solar Cell Factory debuted;

      The first industrial enterprise with income exceeded 10 billion in Jinhua;

      Won the National Advanced Collective in Poverty Alleviation for Hengdian Group


      "Green Factory" issued by MIIT(Ministry of Industry and Information Technology)

      The first 5G intelligent factory and the first batch of future factories in Zhejiang - No.6 Solar Cell Factory debuted


      The second Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award;

      Won Bosch Global Best Supplier Award


      Permanent magnet component awarded "National Manufacturing Single Champion Product"


      The second prize of the National Technological Invention Award


      Established New Energy Battery Division, entered the Lithium-ion Batteries industry


      The industrial cluster led by DMEGC was named "China Magnetic Capital" by China Electronic Components Association


      Established Solar Division, entered the PV industry


      Nine kinds of magnetic materials were launched, Leading the world


      Successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange


      DMEGC proposed: "Global magnet is from China, China's magnet is from Hengdian."


      Wenrong Xu, founder of Hengdian Group, Established Hengdian magnetic equipment factory

      DMEGC Honors
      World Magnetic Capital
      National green factory
      Second Prize of National Technical Invention
      Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award
      China Patent Excellence Award
      National manufacturing individual champion product
      • World Magnetic Capital
      • National green factory
      • Second Prize of National Technical Invention
      • Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award
      • China Patent Excellence Award
      • National Enterprise Technology Center
      • National manufacturing individual champion product
      • First batch of national intellectual property demonstration enterprises
      • National private enterprise culture construction top 30
      • National benchmark enterprise of electronic information industry
      • National post-doctoral workstation
      • National "Green Design Products"
      • National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise
      • National foreign trade transformation and upgrading base
      • Provincial manufacturing and Internet integration development demonstration enterprise
      • First batch of "Future Factory" in Zhejiang Province
      • Zhejiang Standard Innovation Contribution Award
      • Bosch Global Best Supplier Award
      • Global debut "Smart PV Module" certification from TüV-SüD
      • Tier1 Global PV Module Manufacturer (BNEF)
      • Global manufacturer of "TOP Performer" components(PVEL)
      • Top PV Brand (EUPD Research)
      • Top 50 leading enterprises in China's industrial digital transformation
      • The first batch of Zhejiang Eagle Enterprises
      • Zhejiang Science and Technology Leading Enterprises
      • Top 20 Provincial electronic information manufacturing Enterprises
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